Monday, June 14, 2010

It's a small world after all...

OK, so I love a good 'small world' story and I have a good one indeed! Tonight we took the dogs to the dog park, same one we go to all the time. We always have a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and a Rat Terrier in tow and almost everyone there knows Hank and Zoe. So they were playing with their friends tonight and we look at the walkway and see two women walking in with what appears to be a Chesy and a terrier. Well, this is ironic that 1.)they have as pets the exact dogs that we do and b.) it's a Chesy...other than his mom and siblings (an hour away, we haven't seen another). So they come in and Hank and this other Chesy hit it off like gangbusters! They are running and playing and having a great time. As we are watching, Hank gets a little 'Hanklike' and starts jumping on this dog. I said to the owner, "he's really friendly, he's just a pup. She said, 'It's OK. She is too. She is only 10 months old". I said, "so is he". Then we start looking at them and they look A LOT alike. I asked her where she got him and she said 'Doylestown'. I said, "oh, we got him in Uniontown'. She looked at her mom and said, "that sounds right". "How many was in his litter?", she asked. "10" I said. She said, "her too". Then she said, "is his birthday August 2nd?". We both cracked up. Hank had found his long lost sister!!!! These 2 had never been to this dog park before and we went later than usual! It was awesome!

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