Sunday, February 28, 2010

You have the right to remain silent... and on your side of the bed

So Ward and June Cleaver were clearly onto something! The older I get the smaller a king size bed feels. Call me old fashion, but when I go to sleep, I do not want to be touched or breathed on. My husband, on the other hand, does not agree with me. He is a firm believer in the 'spoon' and has to fall asleep in said position every night! This means that our king size bed instantly becomes a twin size, and it always happens on my side. Add to the mix a rapidly growing 6 month old, 70 pound pup and things get heated in the wee hours of the night/morning! God love his snuggling, snoring heart... I know I am blessed to have him here to want to spoon with me after 18 years together, but all I can think of at these times is making a citizens arrest and reading him the 'Tiffani Rights'...You have the right to remain silent and on your side of the bed. Anytime you snore it will used against you in a court of my elbow to your rib cage. If you can not stay on the east side of the bed, a separate bed and or bedroom will be appointed to you!... Yes, Ward and June Cleaver were onto something, but the twin beds are for the birds. We may end up with a bedroom with two king size beds... one for the hubs, the horse and their spooning and another one for me, myself and I!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Proof of usage... somehow forgot to attach to below :)

This is your dog on drugs...

Hank is home from the vet after a traumatic day of baby tooth and nard removal. Dr. Gates said he was a "model patient, but given the amount of sedative it took to put him under, he is, for lack of a better word, STONED". He is staggering around the house like he's never seen it before and making noises that I can only compare to that of sounds made by Jaba the Hut, but I am so happy to have my Hanky home. Let the chaos and mischief begin once again...

Tiff...aka Big Momma, momma or The Wife

This is me (can you guess which one I am). I am the ringleader of the madness on Tanglewood and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

Zoe...aka Z, Big Z, Z-Zo, or UU

Zoe was a gift to Ben from my dad on Christmas day, 2006. Our lives have not been the same since... she is a crazy hyper Rat Terrier that is the leader of the house, and I am pretty sure she is the reason Lexie (or beloved Golden Retriever) died; she was just to old to handle this fireball! She has quite the personality; maybe attitude is a more appropriate word. She prances around the house like a show horse and really does believe she is human. Zoe is not yet a fan of Hank, but being the true lady that she is, she tolerates him for the most part.

Caty...aka Stink, Stinker, Peach or Cate

AWWW, Caty. What can I say about Caty that you can't tell just by looking at her. She is the sweetest thing ever born! While I was pregnant with her I prayed everyday for a baby that wanted me... by this I mean just that :) Ali loved me when she was hungry or needed changed, but other than that she wanted left alone. My prayers were answered the moment Cate was born. She latched onto me and continued to eat for an hour and a half. We have been inseperable ever since then. Caty loves more than anything to be home in her PJ's... she is a major homebody! She is a natural athlete and has the sweetest personality I have ever seen in a child. Everyone that meets her comments that she is so sweet! She used to be painfully shy and as a wee one would put her head down and sing to herself to block out people as they were talking to her. She is very creative and loves to draw, and you will rarely see a picture of her where she isn't making some sort of goofy face...She is my joy!!!!

Ali... aka Big Al, Big Time, or just BIG

This is Ali. She is my first born. As you can see, she is the SPITTING FREAKIN IMAGE of her father. It used to annoy me; I gained all the weight, accrued 8 miles of stretch marks and many other gross things just to give her life and she comes out looking like that?! BUT, as she got older I realized that this child had the same charming disposition and personality as her mother! Now, those of you without daughters may be saying, "Awww, that is so sweet. Like mother like daughter"... those of you with daughters are shaking your head saying, "Poor Ben"! Since Ali and I are basically of the same mind (smart-assily, not smartly. She is WAAAAYYYY smarter than I will ever be)it makes for heated battles. I sometimes look at Ben while I am in the midst of a battle with her and scream, "CAN YOU HELP ME OUT HERE?" His response, "Now you know what it's like dealing with you"... Touche, my dear husband! Ali is a fantastic girl whom I am so priviledged to mother everyday. I love her more than she will ever know (until she has her own kids)! She was, and still is, my greatest gift!!!!

Ben and Hank (the husband and his baby)

This is my husband Ben. He is the greatest man ever created by God. I say this because he gave me the two greatest daughters ever created by God AND because he tolerates me on a daily basis...with him is Hank. Hank is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever that has an appetite for expensive shoes (mine) and drywall (my walls).

Meet the Karacia's

In the stories of my life you read here you will become familiar with the characters in my life. I will now introduce you to the cast that makes it all worth while...

My Name is Tiff, and I am a blogger

I woke up yesterday and realized I was a closet blogger. I have never blogged before and to be honest, I detest the word 'blog', but something in me was screaming at me to create said blog!
I guess you can say I started my 'blogging' at an early age, except back then it was called journaling and it was done on paper (see dictionary if unfamiliar with the term *writing*). There rarely has been a time in my life when things were quiet or mundane, so I am the perfect candidate to create one of these blog things. I have journaled on and off throughout my life and really enjoy the process, so I think this may be A LOT of fun for me. I have a facebook page that I sometimes write on and people seem to like it. They make comments about how I should write a column in a newspaper because my stories are so funny... I am not sure if they realize that I am NOT making them up. These are real, true life, goings-on in and around the Karacia casa.

I am excited to start this new chapter in my life! I can't wait to hear your thoughts about what I have to say (unless it's bad, in which case you can keep it to yourself) :)