Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My two cents on 'Christian' protesters...

There has been a lot in the news lately about so called 'christian' groups protesting funerals of fallen soldiers. I have watched video coverage of these 'Christians' in action; they hold signs reading "thank God for 9/11", "semper fi semper fags", "thank God for IED's", "God is your enemy", "Not blessed just cursed" and "thank God for dead soldiers". WOW! What bible are they reading? The Christians I surround myself with would have been inside the church, holding the hands of the family members, consoling them, and telling them how sorry they were for their loss, while at the same time THANKING them for the sacrifice they have made for the good of humanity. The Christians I know would have made meals for these families and brought them groceries. They would have provided a quiet ear to listen to the family revel in stories of their personal hero or they would read them scripture from the bible reassuring them of the beauty that surrounds their lost soul now and, help lead them too, down the path of eternal life. To say I am disgusted that these folks use the term 'christian' as a platform for hatred is a GRIEVOUS understatement. The bravest thing they have ever done is picket in front of a funeral home for people who are to distraught to fight back. Meanwhile, the HERO that fought to defend them, and their hate-filled souls, lies in a coffin, draped in an AMERICAN FLAG, just feet away. I know what the bible says is right and wrong. I also know that the bible says Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged, and Let He Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone. I choose to 'love they neighbor' without condition... not 'love thy neighbor unless they are gay or don't have the same beliefs I do'. I am going to be the christian that loves all God's creatures and leaves the judgements to Him.
I am thankful for the Patriot Guard who rallies for good at these funerals and let's them know that their loss was NOT in vain. I am thankful that the majority of Americans, christian or not, are crying right along side them. I pray for these lost 'christian' souls. I pray they read the good word and let the true meaning of Christianity sink in. I pray that they learn the true meaning of God's word before they pass on this blatant hatred to their children. I pray that they can knock down those walls of hate and for the first time feel the real meaning of God's love, BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME!
Rest assured ye of little faith; THESE ARE NOT ACTUAL CHRISTIANS! Yes, they are children of God, we all are, but they are also zealots giving Christianity a very bad name. True Christians accept you for who you are and love you in spite of it...just like Jesus did for them. True Christians 'hate the sin, and love the sinner'! I would just like to say to these 'Christians'...if you are so disgusted by the ones that are giving their lives FOR YOU...YOU ARE FREE TO LEAVE!


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