Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Home is where the mess is...

It's very true that home is where the heart is. I can attest to this. Living like a military family, and nomading (yes, it's a word) around the Midwest, I know positively that home is where Ben and the girls are. I can make a home anywhere as long as they are there!

So, after a crazy morning of packing lunches, letting dogs out, letting dogs in and cleaning off 8 paws and 2 muddy noses (if you are asking yourself where the other 4 paws and extra nose are, they are attached to Zoe who is lazy and will roll out of bed about 10 or 11), and cleaning out and organizing my pantry and fridge, I sat down to relax with my second cup o' joe and saw it... THE MESS! Yep, home is also where the mess is! I looked at the floor and saw a mud spot in the freshly cleaned carpet (thanks, BACC), looked to my left and saw a lampshade that was so crooked it was hanging on only with the help of the dust, I looked around the room and saw 5 tennis balls (2 partially eaten, 3 whole ones ). To my right was my favorite sweatshirt blanket from The New River, bought during our whitewater vaca last year, containing enough holes to make it NOT qualify as a blanket anymore. At the front door lays a ripstik that Caty rides tirelessly when home. It takes her to the door in the morning before school and she hops on it as soon as she walks in the door in the afternoon. On my office desk lays 2 digital cameras and a video camera for transferring pics from Cate's Narnia play last night (I got the pics on the PC with no problem, but for the life of me can not remember how to put the video on it!) On the mantle rests a HUGE blueprint drafted by Ali as a school project; not in a frame mind you, just rolled up like a poster, because that is as far as it got after school yesterday! Point is, it's like a tornado rips through this house every day! Don't get me wrong, my house is clean. I HATE clutter and dirtiness, but I am slowly (kids are 14 and 11) learning to not be so OCD about the house, because it's a LOSING battle. It is impossible to have a spotless house when 4 people and 3 dogs LIVE in it! If you have this and your house is spotless, send me tips! It's just that all this crap in my house reminds me that this mess directly coincides with my heart, because they are a part of the people (yes, we consider our dogs people) I love more than life. So, if home is where the mess is, THERE IS NO PLACE I WOULD RATHER BE!!!

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