Sunday, March 30, 2014

Thank you, Vickie, for finally telling our secrets...

FINALLY!! VS has finally printed a catalog for the every day woman and I could not be happier! It's always so depressing to see the swim suit catalogs arrive in the mail, but this season they have answered my prayers. While scanning the pages I realized that they have taken the plight of the average, hard working woman, and catered to us. It's about time. I was so happy to see this picture of a gal, who was clearly enjoying a great day at the beach, when suddenly her back locked up!

This happens to me all the time, so I immediately knew that painful pose. Look at the anguish on her face. I feel ya girl, I really do! I was just thinking "I wish I could tell her what kind of stretches to do to eleviate that back pain" when, lo and behold, the next page did it for me! 

These folks are on the ball. They knew just how to help her in her ailments, for that is the prefect stretch! They must have a trainer on the ready at these shoots!

While skimming further, I saw a picture that ALL of us have experienced while fighting the waves of the ocean... The dreaded 'Where the crap did my sunglasses go!?" As you can see, she is very concerned about this. I would like to know how many sunglasses are lying on the bottom of the ocean. I know I've donated a dozen or so myself. 

Now the last one does not only pertain to woman, but no one wants to see hairy armpits (**YA HEAR THAT MADONNA???**) so they used a woman for the example. It's the 'OH.EM.GEE. I FORGOT DEODORANT' pose that we all know! Now, honestly, I had no idea I could make taking a whif of my pit so sexy, but you better bet that I will be employing this technique this summer! 

I sincerely want to express my gratitude to Vickie for finally allowing us non-sized 2 gals to be represented in her inner circle. Who knew you were a friend to us all?  Why else would you have such crazy poses, if not to make us all feel included!? Kudos!

Just in case you missed Madonna's recent pic, here you go... You're welcome.

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