Thursday, April 15, 2010

Soccer Mom Daughtry Groupies Rule...

Yes, you heard it right. Just like O'Doyle ruled in Billy Madison, Soccer Mom Daughtry groupies (or SMDG's) rule here in the real world. You may be asking yourself what a SMDG is? Well,SMDG are women that have a love/obsession with the Rock band Daughtry. This is a VERY selective group of women (so far there are 2 in our sector). If you are wanting to know how you too, can join this awesome group, you need to meet the following requirements: (1)attend at least one concert a year (if you have to drive to a different state, that will get you bonus points), (2)own multiple pillowcases with the likeness of THE MAN, (3)buy T-shirts, key chains, jean jacket buttons for no other reason except that they have his name and face on them, etc, (4) have a personalized license plate (Oh, sorry, THAT one belongs to a man...SHOUT OUT TO MIKE HEFFNER), (5)pay crazy amounts of money to attend meet and greets to wait in lines and spend 2 minutes in his presence, and(6)make scrapbooks of each concert excursion. These are the simple rules...I hope to invite some of you in very soon!


  1. Well, I don't think I can be a SMDG....maybe just a DG!! I also don't think I can be in this group because if I had a pillow case of hubby might be mad! lol!!!

  2. or I can have Chris on one side......and Scott on the other!

  3. Carrie, I made one of Jessica Biel for Ben... that evens it out. Just makes one with a tractor on it for Scott and you will be fine!!! PS - if you want to be a DG, consider it done!!!!