Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The LeBron fire is going a bit to far...

OK. I admit it. I was as sad as everyone else (not from Miami) when I watched the train wreck on ESPN called THE DECISION. I was sad that we were not going to watch number 23 work his magic on the Cavs court anymore. I was sad that there would be no more 'across the way' sightings of the hometown hero. I was (most) sad that I could have bought a NICE Coach purse for the amount of money I had spent the season before to get the girls JAMES 23 team jerseys. I was sad the same way you would be sad that you lost one of your favorite $5.00 flip flops from Old Navy... meaning, I woke up the next day and I realized it was no big deal; life goes on. Then the backlash started! Listen people, I understand that I am not a sports fanatic like some out there. I enjoy watching the occasional game, but I won't be in a bad mood if 'my team' loses and I won't throw things at the TV if there is a bad call (both things I have seen adult men do {not Ben}. The radio coverage has been brutal (some deserved by The King) and really rude. Questioning his loyalty and values... c'mon. Get over it. YES, the Akron/Cleveland area has relied heavily on LeBron for 7 years and he has done great things in that time, but it is not fair to say that he is going to 'cause Cleveland to go bankrupt'. People should know better than to 'put all their eggs in one basket' and rest their futures and fortunes on the shoulders of a child (let's face it, I could almost be his mother). Yes, it was wrong how he dropped the bomb on those of us who have loved him in a Cavs jersey all these years. He should have came door to door and told us his intentions and apologized individually. Let's face it, if you are an adult and are still harping on this, you need to find a hobby! This was a business decision, plain and simple. He knew he was going to be disowned by his hometown with this decision, but it was his decision to make. Doesn't mean he has no loyalty to Akron and Cleveland. It means he is growing up and leaving the nest. Clevelanders will survive this 'crisis' and Akroners will embrace him again (when he comes back for his 50th SV/SM high school reunion, but LIFE WILL GO ON! Just put all that energy into cheering for the rest of the CAVS team! They are good. They played great in the finals when James was hurt... they pulled off the W's! They can do it without him... Lord knows they have more determination than ever to win now!!!

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