Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Buehler. Buehler. Buehler...

Forgive me bloggers, for I have sinned. It has been two months (GASP!) since my last blog. I will try to update you on what has been going on with the Karacian's since we last spoke...

Well, let's see. My babies started a new school year. Ali is now an eigth grader and Caty is a fifth grader. Can you even believe it? How is it possible that I have kids that are that old and I am only 25? Things that make you go 'hmmmmmmmmmmm'.

Ben got another promotion so we are making like LeBron and hightailing it outta Cleveland, but instead of heading to a hot spot like Miami we are going the opposite direction and moving to Chicago. This will all be 'going down' in the next few weeks. Ben and I had it all planned out. We would fly to Chicago, go through some homes (or 50. Yep,we went through 50 homes), find the ones that we liked and then travel back a couple times until we found the perfect one for this next new adventure in our lives. It all was going so smoothly until we listed our house on Friday and sold it on Monday... that is when we lost the luxery of time and momma started to panic a smidge. I will never complain about selling our home so quickly, it was great! I just would have liked to know the teeny-tiny little detail of where we were relocating our furniture. But, I will not worry about it because the good Lord always takes care of us. We did decide on a great home that I hardly remember anything about...so it will be like Christmas morning when I pull in the driveway!

To make things just a little more exciting, we added to our brood! We are now the proud parents to Scarlet Grey Karacia (GO BUCKS!), a Chesapeake Bay Retriever (yes, another one! SHUT UP! I can hear you laughing from here!) Hank just didn't cause enough mischief or make enough mess for us, so we adopted his cousin (seriously. their mom's are sister's). We took him with us back to the farm where he was born to help us pick his new sibling. He looked around like he was disgusted that we would even subject him to all the butt sniffing (Hank has finally realized that he is a human, and not a dog, as his AKC papers suggest). Caty picked out little Scarlet and we love her so much. We, as in Ben, the girls, I. Hank tolerates her the way Zoe tolerates him...ahhhh, the circle of life!

So, that is a little update for ya! I am sure that I will have some more great stories to follow soon... like how we traveled from Cleveland to Chicago in a minivan, with 4 humans, 3 dogs, 2 turtle doves and a mom with drinking problem (I predict I will develop a drinking problem by then. We shall see).

Until next time...

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