Tuesday, November 1, 2011

72 days is the new 7 year itch

OK. Seriously? 72 days... I had morning sickness that lasted longer than that. I once changed shampoos, and although I wasn't fond of it, I kept it around just to see if it would grow on me. Guess what, it did! It took me three months, but by the time it was empty I loved it! The point of this is, IT TAKES A WHILE TO WORK OUT THE KINKS SOMETIMES. So why after only 72 days, is Kim Kardashian filing for divorce? Isn't that stil considered 'the honeymoon phase'?
For some reason I am VERY upset by this. Why, I'm not sure. I am not a fan of the family (even though my blog implies otherwise, it's just a fun play on words), I have zero time invested in watching the wedding on TV (btw, the televised version lasted longer than the actual marriage), and even less than zero invested in the eleventy billion the stupid thing cost, but it still honks me off!
I was a 20 year old CHILD when I got married (would I condone this for my girls? UH, NO), but even at that young age I knew of, and appreciated, the sanctity of marriage. I looked forward to being a part of something that was bigger than Ben or I; something that we had to work on together to make succeed. We DID NOT take our vows lightly! After all, they were a promise to God that we were ready to take on this role of husband and wife, and take it on we did! We did not need to mortgage the great state of Ohio to pay for our wedding. We had a budget of about 6 thousand dollars (that included, pics, dress, food, flowers, tents, tables and chairs) and we created a BEAUTIFUL WEDDING! People still tell me how much they loved that day (and it wasn't even televised). I am so very proud of the fact that two kids who didn't even know how to balance a checkbook when they said " I DO" have managed to create a wonderful partnership, two beautiful kids, and {almost} 17 years of marriage. Was it always easy? No. But we worked on it, for more than 72 days!
Listen, I understand that sometimes divorce is inevitable. As much as I love my husband, there are a few conditions to our marriage. If he laid a hand on me, I'd be gone! If he cheated on me, I'd be gone! But, what we have is so much more than a marriage; it's a friendship. And with friendship comes respect. He respect me too much to do these things to me, and I feel the same about him.
It saddens me that in this country, people go into this union with the mindset of "well, if it doesn't work out we can always divorce". Sickens me really. I feel bad for my gay friends who aren't even allowed that option. They would do anything to be able to marry their other half, but can't! Then, to rub salt into their wound, they get to see grotesque displays like the Kardashian/Humphries debacle of 2011, where a courtship, engagement, wedding, and divorce happens all in one year, and it's perfectly acceptable!
In closing (before my BP skyrockets)Kim K., I will take my 6 thousand dollar wedding over your 'fairy tale' ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! I feel sorry for you. You appear to have everything, but can be happy with none of it. I pray that someday you find that the REAL meaning of happiness does not come from material things (such as 2 million dollar rings, multiple wedding dresses, painted mini-horses). REAL happiness has to be created within yourself. That is all. namaste

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