Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Technology: Can't live with it, can't throw it out the window...

I am going to do something I don't do very often; I am going to whine. What I am about to type is very stupid and petty, and I am ashamed that I even feel this way. But, I is what I is so here I goes... I recently came into a MacBook for my birthday (I know, you feel sorry for me already). I was going to get an iPad but while I was there I started comparing features and having thee ole 'pros and cons' debate in my head. I decided that between the iPad and the MacBook, I could get a lot more bang for just a wee more buck by going with a laptop. The salesman assured me that I could get apps and play my music from my iTunes library on my laptop, just as I wanted to do on the Pad. I told him my main concern (other than using it for my business and accessing the all important email and Facebook was to be able to watch my movies in my iTunes account. He said, "It's SUPER easy. Just home share your new computer with your old one." I asked again, "It's that easy?" He said, "Yes, it's THAT easy". So, I walked out of the store with an adventure in a box ready appreciate the 'ease' of the Mac!
Cut to 4 hours later and I STILL CAN'T GET MY COMPUTERS TO SYNC AND ALLOW ME TO HOME SHARE!!!! Somehow I got my music on there last night (although it was gone this morning), but the movies, which were my main concern, are still MIA from my lap. Nothing like technology to make me feel even more intellectually inferior than my kids already do. So here I sit, on day two, still trying to figure out WHY I still have no iTunes library on my toy. It has me so frustrated that I decided to write about how awful my life is because my splurge won't work properly; I refuse to believe it's operator error.
So, now that you know how bad I have it, you probably want to help me out any way that you can. Please fit my dilemma into you nightly prayers, somewhere between ending the war and feeding the starving people of the world. Just ask the Lord to pretty~please~with~a~cherry~on~top have my movie absence resolved before we go home for Christmas...ever since our car wreck I HATE road travel and I need my movies to keep my mind (and eyes) off of the road while I am stuck in the car for 6 hours. And before you ask, NO, I am not the driver ~ And before you tell me how awful I am for even being so ridiculous about this, remember that I already owned it, so there! For now I must go stomp my feet and throw something (just not my new baby, for I will be selling a lot of plasma to revive the bank account after welcoming her into our lives{and by 'our' I mean 'mine' because the kids can't come within 5 feet of her}). Namaste dudes.

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