Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pilates is dangerous...

You know that pain you get when you get snapped by a rubber band? OUCH! Times that by a billion and that is what it felt like when my exercise band broke mid maneuver and smacked me in the face! Pilates is dangerous! I know that there are woman well into their 80's that are reaping the benefits of it, but dangit, I am in pain!
No one has ever accused me of being coordinated. I trip over my own feet...OFTEN. Remember my Facebook post regarding my not-so-graceful face plant because of my pajama pants? Things like that are almost a daily occurrence, but come on. I thought that an exercise that had no swift movements and is mainly  a bunch of core work and stretching was safe, even for me! I guess that is what I get for thinking! 
I have been a lover of Pilates for several years and really enjoy doing it, but it has not been without it's fair share of pain (and I'm not talking the good kind: NO PAIN NO GAIN). I'm talking about the sprained ankle I have gotten while trying to balance on one leg, the pulled quad muscle, and the twisted finger (don't ask me! I still can't figure that one out), but I must say, this band welt is the most painful. 
I whole-heartedly admit that this is a prime example of a 'first world problem'. "Oh, boo hoo, I hurt myself while getting myself in shape. I think I will ice my wounds while I plan my vacation." I have never been ashamed to look like a fool to my reader. I also have never been afraid to warn you of dangers, and let's not forget that this is why you are here now. 
PILATES IS DANGEROUS! And if you are me, so is walking, sitting, standing, breathing, eating, sleeping (remember when I woke up with 3 dislocated ribs), and probably very soon, typing.  
Now that I have informed you, I must go ice my face and my dignity.

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