Monday, September 10, 2012

Thank You. Danke. Gracias. Domo. Grazie. Spanks.

As I look around my quiet home this beautiful morning, I am overcome with a great feeling of calm and thankfulness. God has blessed me beyond anything I deserve and I know that each of you are one of his gifts to me. Even though we don't talk every day and I don't tell you enough, I love you and am thankful. SOOOOO,  I want to take some time to publicly do so now...

Ben - Thank you for being the greatest thing to have ever happened to me. Your unconditional love (yep, I know it is, because how else could you have put up with 21 years of this?) is what gets me through the day. 
My main man. The love of my life.

Ali - Thank you for being my parental guinea pig. I take great comfort in the fact that you are relatively normal, despite the greenness of your parents at the time of your birth, and that we can actually use your college fund for college instead of paying for therapy.

The spitting image of her father. The wit twin of her mother.

Cate - Thank you for being the sweetest, most loving, person I have ever known. You are my heart.
My sweet little Peach. We have been buddies since they cut her from my womb. My goal is that she ALWAYS looks at me like this. Ps - Kate Gosselin stole the hair from ME!

Mom - Thanks for always saying something so completely random that I am stunned into silence before I bust out in snort-a-laughs.

This is where I got my ability to not take life too seriously. She is a hoot!

Dad - Thank you for passing on your love of all things old and your beautiful blue eyes to me. I am in awe of the wonderful man that you are.

The most Godly man I know. I love being a daddy's girl.

Pat - Thank you for being such a wonderful example of what a mother-in-law should be. I am so very lucky to have you as a second mom. Oh yeah, thanks for birthing your awesome son!

Momma 2 and the hubs. I couldn't love her more if she made me herself!

Ber - Thank you for growing up to be someone I no longer want to stab. I am so proud of the woman you have become.
Me and my beautiful sis. I'm glad I didn't kill her when we were younger, because I really like her now :)

Nick - Thank you for being me, in a slightly taller body. I can't even imagine my life without you. 

My *Soul Sister* - nuff' said!

Ang - Thank you for the endless conversations about absolutely nothing. You know 'big brother' gets a HUGE laugh out of our phone calls. In the words of Forrest Gump, "You were my first good friend".

Ang and me at Grams. We were totally old enough to rock these half shirts! Schmexy toddlers!

Carrie - Thank you for being such a beautiful person, both inside and out. Your positivity and goodness are what makes me blessed to know you, not only as a cousin, but as a best friend.

My Care-Bear. Love her to bits!

Lisa - Thank you for always saying something to make me laugh. Your gift with (four letter) words is really a thing of beauty :)

My teddy bear. This one has a heart of gold.
I love each and every one of you exactly the way you are. I thank God every day for placing you in my life, and placing me in yours. I can't imagine my life with out you all in it! 

And for all my other friends, I thank you for reading this and being a part of my life, in one way or another. I am thankful for each of you for 'liking' all my pics of my kids, dogs, and dinner.

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