Friday, September 7, 2012

Charlie Brown's teacher said it best. "Wha Wha Wha. Wha Wha"...

All this craptacular television coverage of the RNC and DNC has my ears playing tricks on me. I swear when the folks on the stage open their mouths all I hear is the teacher from Charlie Brown; "WHA WHA WHA. WHA WHA". So, in the spirit of the season, I am going to make some promises that I know I won't keep:

1) I will exercise everyday.
2) I will try to reel in my road rage habit (definitely FALSE! Have you seen all the idiots on the road?).
3) I will stop eating sweets.
4) I will finally read The Woman In White that my wonderful neighbor told me to read 20 years ago,     because it sits on my book shelf making me feel a twinge of guilt every time I see it ( that 'because' was another lie).
5) I will keep my car clean.
6) I will stop looking for cute scrub tops on ebay every day.
7) I will try to tone down my 'slight' addiction to all smell goods. I can't help that my olfactory nerves love to be stimulated and that they have complete control of my credit card!
8) I will stop being a over-protective parent and give my kids a little more freedom (this one I really do need to work on. They are awesome kids and have earned it, I am just a freak!).
9) I will quit asking Ben to rub my feet nightly, and instead, I will rub his (HAHAHA. LIES!).
10) I will take a hearty multi-vitamin every morning.
11) I will stop obsessing on how to inexpensively clone Hank (but seriously, I need about 10 more of him).
12) I won't stay up until midnight reading every night.
13) I won't freak out if the girls' rooms appear to be the subject of some scientific experiment on 'hey, can you guess that smell'.
14) I won't speed.
15) I won't put my Christmas decorations up in October.
16) I won't drink my weight in McDonald's sweet tea every month (large sweet tea, lite ice, thank you very much!).
17) I won't forget to set own my alarm when Ben is out of town (at almost 40, this happens a lot more than I care to admit. I think I rely on him TOO much).
18) I won't walk into Target for Tide and walk out with 12 bags of stuff that 'I had to have'.
19) I won't waste my brain cells on the likes of Honey Boo Boo (Oh, the goodness of this show! It's a train wreck with a family full of redneck cherries on top!).
and finally...
20) I'll quit making fun in stick figure decals (NEVAH!!!!!!)

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