Thursday, February 25, 2010

Caty...aka Stink, Stinker, Peach or Cate

AWWW, Caty. What can I say about Caty that you can't tell just by looking at her. She is the sweetest thing ever born! While I was pregnant with her I prayed everyday for a baby that wanted me... by this I mean just that :) Ali loved me when she was hungry or needed changed, but other than that she wanted left alone. My prayers were answered the moment Cate was born. She latched onto me and continued to eat for an hour and a half. We have been inseperable ever since then. Caty loves more than anything to be home in her PJ's... she is a major homebody! She is a natural athlete and has the sweetest personality I have ever seen in a child. Everyone that meets her comments that she is so sweet! She used to be painfully shy and as a wee one would put her head down and sing to herself to block out people as they were talking to her. She is very creative and loves to draw, and you will rarely see a picture of her where she isn't making some sort of goofy face...She is my joy!!!!

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