Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Name is Tiff, and I am a blogger

I woke up yesterday and realized I was a closet blogger. I have never blogged before and to be honest, I detest the word 'blog', but something in me was screaming at me to create said blog!
I guess you can say I started my 'blogging' at an early age, except back then it was called journaling and it was done on paper (see dictionary if unfamiliar with the term *writing*). There rarely has been a time in my life when things were quiet or mundane, so I am the perfect candidate to create one of these blog things. I have journaled on and off throughout my life and really enjoy the process, so I think this may be A LOT of fun for me. I have a facebook page that I sometimes write on and people seem to like it. They make comments about how I should write a column in a newspaper because my stories are so funny... I am not sure if they realize that I am NOT making them up. These are real, true life, goings-on in and around the Karacia casa.

I am excited to start this new chapter in my life! I can't wait to hear your thoughts about what I have to say (unless it's bad, in which case you can keep it to yourself) :)


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