Thursday, August 23, 2012

To Sleep, Or Not To Sleep...

We have already established in previous posts that I am getting old and frail, so this next bit won't surprise you in the least...

I am currently on my third pillow in as many months! I wake up (that is, of course, when I am able to sleep) with a headache and neck pain DAILY! I am on a first name basis with my chiropractors, whom I get the pleasure to see once, sometimes twice, a week! I am living in HELL, and hell has crappy pillows!

I am starting a new mission: OPERATION FINDANEWPILLOWORSTARTLOSINGFRIENDS! I am not sure how well my followers know me, but to say that I am unpleasant when tired is a gargantuan understatement. I am down right evil, and I own it. Even my hard-ass friend Nickie is afraid to cross me when I have 'the look' about me. So, you see, I need to rectify this massive problem, STAT!

this is me in the morning. lucky Ben

Here is a list of pillows I have tried in no particular order (I know. You are saying "Who gives a flying frack what order she tried them in". I don't care either, but I really like to draw out my posts):

WATER PILLOW - LOVED it, but it does puncture when stepped on by family members with talons.

FIRM - too firm

FEATHER -  felt like I was getting suffocated by Big Bird

MEMORY FOAM - liked it the first night, then I think it forgot what it's job was. IT SUCKS!

MATTRESS - I tried sleeping without a pillow. WHAT? Who am I, a cave man?

What am I missing? There has to be the perfect pillow out there for my dainty head. I mean, c'mon! Look at that mug! What pillow WOULDN'T want to snuggle up to that every night? When Ben came downstairs this morning all bright eyed and bushy tailed and said "Who did you sleep, Love Face?" I simply grunted and reiterated my need to find a new pillow. His response was a loving "Another high maintenance demand". Believe me, he wants me to find a gateway to sleep more than anyone! He bears the brunt of my ire when Mr. Sandman eludes me. Bless his patient heart.

Needless to say, on my list of things to do this weekend, finding a pillow is #1! If anyone has ANY suggestions I would greatly appreciate them!


  1. True, true, true! She is beyond SCARY when there is lack of sleep involved...SOMEONE find her a dang pillow!

  2. That picture might have made my morning!

  3. Maybe it's not a pillow you seek but multiple pillows. I can not do just one. I am a pillow polygamist and it suits me fine. It was the only way I could find what I was looking for.