Thursday, March 11, 2010

Free nugget of wisdom

For my followers, I know that I usually write funny anecdotes about my life but I figured it was time to give you a helpful piece of advice. Listen carefully and take note: Don't be surprised if while you are mopping, your A.D.D. infested puppy, gets over-excited. This holds especially true if he is a water dag, like mine. Also, he will probably attack the mop that is dripping with the beloved water and then proceed to run acrossed the wet floor, leaving his precious, saucer size, paw marks all over your freshly mopped floor. Last but not least, he may (OK, definitely) be so euphoric with all the goings on in the kitchen that he begins to shoot a 5 foot long geyser of urine all over the place as he is running around like a maniac. I hope you find this little nugget of free advice helpful. You are welcome...

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