Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yes, I love technology

Is it me, or is it still confusing when you think about how all this new-fangled technology works!? I am jumping on the Skype bandwagon, and I have to say, I love it! Just this morning I had coffee with my cousin who lives 4 hours away. But how does it work? Seriously? It's a live video of me talking to a live video of her... how does it get to where it needs to go so quickly? I can't wrap my blonde head around it.(Don't try to explain it. There is no use. My engineered-brain husband can't even teach me). Luckily, I am not one to have to over-think things (shocker, right?) or have to know just how something works before I can enjoy it. No, ma'am... I LOVE the Skype in spite of it. It ranks right up there with the wireless internet card for me (Ben rolled his eyes and said, "It's just like how a cell phone works". Well, this only got me wondering how a cell phone worked... thanks for making it even more confusing Dear). So, I will add the Skype to the many other inventions that I still don't understand but enjoy, none the less... microwave, cordless phone, wireless internet (anything 'wireless'), cell phone, satellite TV, the computer as a whole, popcorn, airplanes, iPods, radios, etc....

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