Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Raise your hands in the air...

So, how many of you are lucky enough to have been instantly awakened by having a 75 pound dog jump on your head? Anyone...Anyone? Don't be shy... OK, so maybe not everyone's household is a hot~mess like mine is, so I will describe to you what it's like: I wake up at 3:13 this morning because I can not move my head - do I have a migraine coming on? Am I having a stroke? Am I paralyzed from all the facial mask I use? The answer is no, no and no. I am simply stuck under the enormous paws of the slobbering dog that is standing, you guessed it, on my pillow*. (see previous posting to be reminded how much I loathe sharing my bed). So I try to move my groggy head under his weight so that maybe he will realize that he is not welcome on my pillow (or my bed for that matter, but he is Ben's mistress). He takes my movement as a sign of acceptance and lays his happy ass right across both our pillows (yes, he is THAT big). Well, forget about moving that dead weight an inch. So I roll over and fall back asleep ( with two enormous front paws draped over my neck ). I fall back into the land of rainbows and unicorns long enough to feel the freedom of 'sleeping alone' only to be awaken again, but this time it's the sound of his uncoordinated puppy body sprinting toward the bed. I brace myself because I know what is next... yep, there it is, he is floating like a butterfly and yep, now my face stings like a bee; for he has landed on it with his gigantor, unruly body! So begins another day...RISE AND SHINE!!!!

On a more serious note... my mom texted me last night and told me that Precious, the cat I brought home in 1991 as a newborn kitty, had just died. She was a great girl and will be missed! R.I.P. Presh!!!

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